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Wedding Photographer - Maestro at work

Funniest Laugh Ever - Comedy Barn Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Funniest Laugh Ever - Watch more Funny Videos
At the Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge Tennessee a couple audience members are brought on stage to participate. Turns out the old guy in the middle has one of the funniest laughs I've ever heard in my life.

Seinfeld vs Serbs - The Shower Head

Newman: Now here's the lowdown. Through a certain connection, I've been able to locate some black market shower heads. They're all made in the former Yugoslavia. And from what I hear, the Serbs are fanatic about their showers.
Jerry: Not from the footage I've seen.
Episode - The Shower Head

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Mani the Parakeet - Singapore Pyschic Bird Parrot Predicts Holland win Spain in Final World Cup 2010

Mani the Parakeet in Singapore Could be Another Paul the Oracle Octopus
He may not have as many predictions under his belt as Paul the Octopus in Germany, but Mani the parakeet in Singapore's 'Little India' has become something of a local celebrity due to his correct predictions of the World Cup so far. He picked all the right winners for the quarter-finals and the semi-finals and now he has picked the Netherlands to win the World Cup.
News Report About Mani the Parakeet
Mani is his astrologer owner's assistant and while the couple used to see about ten customers a day, due to Mani's growing popularity, they are now seeing hundreds an hour.
People are flocking to Mr. Muniyappan and Mani's roadside table to see if they are going to get lucky on their World Cup bets. German, Dutch and Spanish television stations are preparing to broadcast live from an aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, on Friday, when an octopus named Paul, whose handlers claim he can predict the outcome of World Cup soccer matches, will attempt to call the last two games of the tournament.
As Germany’s Spiegel explains:
Paul the octopus, “the Oracle of Oberhausen,” has successfully predicted all six of Germany’s World Cup matches so far — after going four for five in the European Championships two years ago. No one knows how he does it, but for a while it made him the most popular invertebrate in Germany, stealing headlines even from the coalition government. He “predicts” by choosing a mussel from one of two possible containers, both marked with national flags.
The only blemish on Paul’s record to date was his prophecy that Germany would beat Spain in the final of Euro 2008, a match the Spanish took 1-0. Perhaps learning from his mistake, this week the octopus chose not to eat from a box decorated with a tiny German flag when it was lowered into his tank before Wednesday’s semi-final, dining instead on the Spanish mussel.
After the Germans did indeed lose on Wednesday night, a number of Paul’s fellow citizens called loudly for his death, suggesting that he had jinxed the team.
As Reuters reports:
German newspapers and Web sites were filled with suggestions of what to do with Paul — most involved cooking and eating him. “Throw him in the frying pan,” wrote the Berliner Kurier newspaper in a popular sentiment echoed by Die Welt, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, the Hamburger Abendblatt and other newspapers.
According to Berlin’s Local, “The Spanish government on Thursday expressed concern for the future well-being of Paul, expressing concern the Germans may take some kind of ‘revenge’ for their exit on the mollusc medium.”
“I am concerned for the octopus … I am thinking of sending him a protective team,” joked Prime Minister Jose Luiz Rodriguez Zapatero on Radio Cadena Ser.
Environment and Fisheries Minister Elena Espinosa suggested there be a moratorium on going after Paul: “On Monday, I shall be at the European Council of Ministers and I shall be asking for a (fishing) ban on Paul the octopus so the Germans do not eat him!”
Of course, if Spain’s government really wants to help win over “El Pulpo Paul,” they might want to consider laying off his relatives, too, by following the lead of Spanish-American chef José Andrés, who announced on Twitter before Wednesday’s semifinal, “If Spain wins today octopus is out of all my menus!” After the match, he made good on that promise at his Washington-area restaurant.
Announcing an immediate nationwide ban on the grilling of octopi in tapas bars across Spain might not win the Spanish the World Cup, but it couldn’t hurt.
Apparently unfazed by all this, Paul’s keepers posted a short statement on the Web site of SeaLife Oberhausen announcing that the “Oktopus Orakel” will put his perfect record in this year’s World Cup on the line by attempting to divine the results of both Saturday’s contest for third place, between Germany and Uruguay, and Sunday’s final, between the Netherlands and Spain.
The aquarium tried to dampen expectations by stressing that Paul is a “Germany expert” and so, may not have the magic touch when it comes to choosing between two other nations.
The spokesman for another animal with a growing reputation for soccer punditry, a parrot in Singapore named Mani — who has worked as a fortuneteller’s assistant for years — was far more confident about his associate’s abilities.
Speaking to a Reuters crew that visited Singapore’s Little India district on Thursday to film Mani’s prediction of Sunday’s World Cup final, Mani’s handler assured the news agency, “I believe 100 percent, whatever he picks will be right.” Mani, who normally helps customers predict the course of their romantic and financial lives, then stepped before the camera and turned over a card with the Dutch flag on it. Slavna hobotnica Paul iz Oberhausena dobila je konkurenciju. Mali papagaj iz Singapura zvan Mani, prorekao je mnogim ljudima što će im se dogoditi u životu, a sad je za svjetskog prvaka u nogometu izabrao - Oranje.
Hoće li slavnu hobotnicu Paula ispeći s krumpirima?!
Čudotvorni singapurski papagaj je rekao svoje! Mani predviđa tako da izađe iz svoje krletke i kljunom izabere jednu od dvije karte, a uoči finala u Johannesburgu odabrao je onu s nizozemskim grbom, zgrabivši je bez puno nećkanja.
Pogledajte koga je slavna hobotnica Paul izabrala!
Je li Španjolska već izvisila? 13-godišnji Mani ponekad i pogriješi, ali i puno radi jer poricanjem doslovno zarađuje za život. Zbog toga je postao svojevrsni lokalni junak, a njegove sposobnosti posebno hvali vlasnik, također proricatelj - gospodin Muniyappan. ptica papiga
"To je posebna ptica. Pogodio je rezultate sve četiri utakmice četvrtfinala i dvije polufinala", kaže 80-godišnji Muniyappan.
S druge strane, slavna njemačka hobotnica Paul ima zasad također šest pogodaka na afričkom SP-u, a nakon nekoliko dan aiščekivanja - izabrao je suprotno od Manija. Hobotnica kaže da će novi svjetski prvak biti Španjolska, dok će Njemačka protiv Urugvaja u subotu osvojiti treće mjesto. papegaai parkiet Singapore Spanje Nederland World Cup perico loro Países Bajos España Madrid la copa del mundo india indian parrott parot papigo oracle

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Cat accident

Paul the Octopus Oracle, predicts Spain win vs Holland in Final & Germany win vs Uruguay - World Cup 2010

The octopus said to have 'psychic powers' after predicting all of Germany's six World Cup games correctly, has had his say regarding the final in Johannesburg on Sunday – and it is good news for Spain. The two-year-old cephalopod, called Paul and based at the Sea Life Aquarium in the western German city of Oberhausen, decided that Spain would win the final by going for the mussel in the box with a Spanish

Paul Octopus Predicts Germany To beat uruguay third place play off

The waiting is over…..Spain is predicted to “whacka whacka” Germany. Octopus Paul at Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium in Germany has picked Spain to win the Germany-Spain semi-final match. With a 100% correct prediction track record so far in this World Cup, I bet millions of people will place their bets on Spain winning the Germany-Spain match. What are you waiting for? Call your bookie now!
I don’t know whether the Germans will feel betrayed….but the Spaniards will feel more confident now. David Villa may get such a big morale boost that he scores a couple of goals. And let’s hope that Paul will not end up in a German cooking pot!
To be fair, Paul does have an impeccable, 100% record in this World Cup, which is more than can be said about anyone else. He has predicted Germany’s victories over Australia, Ghana, England and Argentina, and also, more shockingly, their loss to Serbia.
And now he has chosen the mussel placed temptingly in a box with Spain’s flag… I suggest we place a moratorium in our octopus dinners until after the match. Dosad nepogrešiva hobotnica Paul između posuda sa zastavama Njemačke i Španjolske ovaj put izabrala je hranu iz one s obilježjem europskog reprezentativnog prvaka. Ako je suditi po dosadašnjim iskustvima Španjolska će u polufinalu pobijediti Njemačku i plasirati se u polufinale. Paul je u dosadašnjih pet susreta svaki put pogodila pobjednika pa ne treba sumnjati da će i ovaj put biti u pravu. Nitko Paula nije shvaćao ozbiljno nakon prve utakmice i pobjede Njemačke nad Australijom, no nakon što je pogodila pobjedu Srbije, a onda i Njemačke nad Ganom, sve su oči bile uprte u najpoznatijeg stanovnika vodenog parka Sea World u Oberhausenu.
Čim su u djelatnici parka u akvarij spustili kutije s hranom Paul se bacio na onu sa Španjolskom zastavom, a okupljenima je odmah pao mrak na oči. S razlogom.
Ako ćemo vjerovati hobotnici onda smo sigurni u bar jednog finalista. Bit će to Španjolci. No prema razvoju događaja iz prijašnjih susreta mogli bismo pogoditi i drugog pobjednika polufinalne utakmice između Nizozemske i Urugvaja. Naime, u dosadašnja tri međusobna susreta u finalu SP-a igrao pobjednik iz susreta Nizozemske i Brazila. U četvrtfinalu je ove godine pobijedila Nizozemska što bi trebalo značiti da će proći i u finale.
¡A por ellos (y el pulpo)! Ośmiornica uruguay urugvaj final finale holland nizozemska nederland the netherlands holandija Hiszpania Niemcy hobotnica Nemčija Španija октопод Германия Испания blæksprutte Tyskland Spanien Espagne Allemagne poulpe chobotnice Německo Španělsko third place match trece mjesto octopus paul Nederland Duitsland Spanje Uruguay laatste World Cup Holanda pulpo España Paul mundo Alemania Uruguay final de la Copa poulpe Hollande Espagne coupe du monde Allemagne Paul final Uruguay Ośmiornica paul Holandia Hiszpania Niemcy Urugwaj końcowy mistrzostwa świata spanija sampion sveta الأخطبوط ألمانيا أسباني gurita jerman spanyol Espanya Alemanya pop España Alemania pulpospanija dailymotion nemacka wikipedia Oktopus Paul Deutschland Spanien vorhersagen タコドイツスペイン タコドイツスペインポール octopus wikipedija Duitsland Spanje polpo paul forum Spagna Germania facebook 낙지 독일 스페인 폴 낙지 독일 스페인

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