Thursday, December 09, 2010

Worst Political Speech Ever - Phil Davison

Sometimes local politics can be boring, but not when you have someone like Phil Davison. In a campaign speech asking for Stark County, Ohio’s Treasurer, Davidson screams and shouts and looks less like he’s trying to get the Republican nomination and more like he’s defending his heavyweight crown. Clearly he learned the wrong lesson from Linda McMahon. You’re supposed to go from wrestling to politics. Not the other way around.
In the amazing video uploaded by the Stark County Political Report, Davison rants for a solid six minutes while the audience tries (and fails) to hold back laughter. While his eyes alternate between studying his prepared notes and bugging the hell out his sockets, he promises listeners that “drastic times call for drastic measures.” Whether or not those measures include a hardcore sleeper hold is not yet clear.
Still though, the more politics look like professional wrestling, the better. Not only will it help fulfill the prophecy set forth in Mike Judge’s Idiocracy, it will also be a whole lot more entertaining.

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