Friday, January 07, 2011

Ted Williams - Tramp with the golden radio voice

A FORMER radio presenter who lives on the streets has become an internet sensation after millions logged on to listen to his silky tones
Ted Williams, a former drug and booze addict, carries a cardboard sign touting his "God-given gift of a voice".
The bedraggled looking tramp was filmed demonstrating his dulcet tones last month and the video was put online.
Since then it has gone viral and radio stations and voiceover agencies have scrambled to locate him.
Tony Florentino, programme director of WNCI radio in New York, said: "We're on pins and needles, I think he really has no idea how big this is going to be."
Ted is set to appear on WNCI tomorrow morning and is expected to be offered Ł7,000 for future voiceover work.
ABC, CBS and CNN, ESPN and MTV are also said to be trying to bag appearances from him.
In the video, Ted, from Brooklyn, New York, says of his voice: "He said to me: 'I can't be an actor; I can't be an on-air (television) personality'.
"The voice became something of a development."
Ted said he attended broadcasting school and did temping shifts at a New York radio station, before drugs and alcohol ruined his career.
But he added: "I'm trying hard to get it back."

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