Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Miss of the Century

You wonder what goes through the minds of footballers sometimes - although it's pretty clear what Qatar's Fahad Khalfan was thinking after missing the easiest of open goals in the Asian Games against Uzbekistan.
You don't need to be an expert lip-reader to see the 18-year-old mutter 's***' under his breath as the camera focuses on his reaction after what can only be described as one of the misses of the century.
Taking advantage of a mistake by Uzbeki goalkeeper Timur Juraev, who flapped at the ball in the opening moments of extra time, Khalfan found himself almost completely alone inside the penalty area.
So, with the scent of glory in his nostrils, Khalfan takes a couple of touches until he's pretty much in the centre of the goal, two yards out.
The problem is the ball's not well placed for him to strike it with his favoured left foot.
'But no matter', he thinks, 'I'm only a couple of yards out so I'll use the outside of my boot.'
Oops. Cue ball hitting post and widespread bewilderment among team-mates and opponents alike.
A moment of panic insues as our Fahad realises his mistake - and that's when the camera finds him.
Yes, Fahad, 's***' just about sums it up.
The worst part about the whole episode was our hero's side ended up losing 1-0 after extra-time. Bet he wasn't a popular guy in the dressing room afterwards...

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